RodRego is a simple register machine simulator illustrating the computational capabilities of the INC/DEB language model. By inputting different commands, you can increment and decrement the ten registers (or boxes) to simulate different computations.

There are three different commands available: INC, DEB, and END

You can use INC to increment a particular register by one. The syntax for the INC command is:

[step] INC [register] [go to step]

You can use DEB to decrement a particular register by one. The syntax for the DEB command is:

[step] DEB [register] [go to step] [go to step if already empty]

Finally, you can use the END command to end a script from running.

An example script might look like:

1 INC 2 2    # Increment 2nd register
2 DEB 3 2 3  # Decrement 3rd register and repeat until empty
3 END        # End program

As you can see, you can comment a line of your script by using '#'. Anything after a '#'' will be ignored.

The order and number of your steps also don't matter, as long as they begin on step #1 and create a full stream (you can go from one to the other). For example, you could have the following script:

1  INC 2 8      # Increment 2nd register, go to step 8
98 DEB 5 42 42  # Decrement 5th register, go to step 42
42 END          # End program
8  INC 3 98     # Increment 3rd register, go to step 98

For example scripts, try out the included samples. For more information about RodRego and register machines, read "Secrets of Computer Power Revealed”. If you read through it, and do the exercises, you will be a master of register machines in no time.

If you would like to know more abot the project, visit the original Tufts Site.

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